According to your specifications, we can mechanically introduce a wide variety of flattening & embossing contours as well as asymmetrical cold forming into your component. Flattening can be conical, flat or semicircular, depending on the built-in situation. We are happy to support you in the design of the geometries in order to avoid fractures or cracks. Welding warts are often required for resistance welding or beads are needed for reinforcement in sheet metal parts. However, also notches or profile shapes to enable a twist or pullout protection in plastic parts are on our agenda. Our modern automatic punching and bending machines are capable of carrying out these work steps with low energy consumption and for any number of pieces. Depending on the contour, we design and build the appropriate tools for your application. We have a maximum pressing force of 700 tons at our disposal. Signatures are also often required, which we can offer both raised and recessed according to the customer's wishes.

Talk to us and we will find the separate solution for you.



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