We use a wide variety of machine types for the production of wire; strip and tube bent parts and assemblies.

The latest servo technology in punch bending


Highly productive servo punch-bending machine for the production of punch-bent, wire-bent and follow-on parts in small and medium batch sizes. Thanks to the special servo technology, set-up times can now be minimized.


Instead of eight to ten hours, set-up times are now reduced to one to two hours. The respective programs for the products are programmed only once and can then be called up again at any time. Another special feature besides the servo technology: other tools can be adapted to the machine.


To operate the new wire-bending machine, employees need to be well trained and instructed.

Lift rack - small parts storage

In order to provide the necessary storage space for the constant growth, we invested in a lift rack from Jungheinrich in 2019. The lift rack has given us the opportunity to store tools, raw materials/auxiliary materials and supplies as well as consumables and supplies in a highly compacted manner on a floor space of now only 10 m².


This should result in a space saving of up to 80% in the future. In addition, the centralized storage should reduce the walking distances of our employees to a minimum and thus increase productivity. With the imminent integration into the new ERP system, the ordering system will also be fully automated via the lift rack, provided, that predefined minimum quantities are reached.

Eroding machine


With the investment in a new eroding machine, we also remain state-of-the-art in technology in the area of tool production.


As we have a wide product portfolio and consequently a wide range of product-related tools, the generous clamping frame with an internal dimension of 1040 x 780 mm and good accessibility on all sides were also an advantage. This ensures the machining of large erosion blocks (300x50x300 mm) as well as the production of small punches, bending cores or pushers. Furthermore, the improved automatic threading ensures the presentation of process-safe and economical unmanned shifts on the EDM machine.



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