For a sustainable




Planet Earth is the only living space we have. Since it is the task of all people to protect it, we also want to act accordingly.


All over the world, there are many people, which are fully committed to protecting this great habitat. However, there are also those who have not yet recognized the explosive nature of the issue and do not act sustainably.


We would like to contribute to the preservation of this wonderful planet and we have developed a plan together in an elaborate workshop, which measures we can take to make the environment a little cleaner.

Under the motto "Red can also be green", we thought about the topic of environmental protection.


If you deal with this complex topic, you will soon realize that it starts with the little things. Therefore, we have also included points that can be implemented very quickly. However, it is more important in the long term to sharpen the understanding for the topic of environmental protection.


Our goal is that our employees not only act in an environmentally conscious manner during working hours, but also transfer these approaches and the understanding for environmental protection to their private environment. We will regularly question the "to do's" and review where we stand.

We will keep you regularly updated on our website and social media.



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