With our in-house tool shop, we are able to manufacture tools, gauges and all other operating equipment by ourselves. This makes us independent, guarantees our customers the greatest possible flexibility and allows us extremely short response times. By using the latest software, we generate a constant link to customer data, maintain the quality of our tools at a continuously high level and thus reduce the error rate to a minimum. With the help of CAM software, we are able to process tools optimally in the shortest possible time and we plan the most effective utilization of our tool shop.

Our competences in toolmaking are milling with 3-axis milling machines, eroding, as well as grinding, joining and other machining operations. Our toolmaking employees also support us in the commissioning of new tools in order to be able to present good parts for initial sampling as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, not only the new tools are of high importance, also the spare parts management is supervised by our tool shop. With the help of a lift rack, we have the necessary storage capacity to keep active and wear parts in sufficient quantities so that there are as few malfunctions as possible due to defective tools.


In the meantime, our customers also use the service of our tool shop for the production of tools, machine parts or gauges for their own needs.







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