We produce our wire, tube and strip bending parts from a wide variety of cold-formable materials and, of course also from stainless steel, using highly optimized processes and structured work steps. Here we are flexible, whether we work directly from coil or use bar material. With our modern production machines and transfer equipment, we are currently able to produce bent parts with a wire diameter of 1-30 mm under a feed length of up to 2000 mm (longer by arrangement). In the field of CNC bending technology, which is particularly interesting for smaller quantities as only low tool costs are incurred here, we can produce 2D & 3D bent parts from 3-10 mm thick wire according to your specifications. A wide variety of materials can be used here as well.

Not only can we use untreated wire, but also pre-galvanized material, material with a copper surface and much more.





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